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  1. Well not really. Second season started 6 months after. Anyway its a direct sequel/continuation thats probably why Coalgirls numbered them like that. Just think of it like Jormungand where it took a break for 2 seasons before continuing.

      1. lol should have expected that i guess. Have you even seen that short episode? Its pretty much like an extended ending…. Its not some ecchi special that has no relevance to the plot lol….

      2. In no hurry here. Besides someone released a bunch of mp4 bd batches 12hrs ago… urgh… wish i have a faster d/l speed 😀

  2. hello there jacob. thank you for all your work it’s fantastic.
    if it is not too much to ask. but can you please reseed hidan no aria season 1 the BD ver that you uploaded?I’ve been download it for a while and got stuck on 96%. thank you.

  3. since u have an empty request list, would u consider a list bigger than 2 request for some movies?

  4. dont worry, its not a big list, so do what u feel like, even if nothing at all, no hard feelings… 🙂

    5 Centimeters Per Second:

    Mononoke Hime:

    Flanders no Inu:

    Howl´s Moving Castle:

    Spirited Away:

    Since those are all classics, masterpieces, that cant be found anywhere in mp4, i think they’ll all be a good adition to ur library… 😀

      1. I asked for some more re-encodes because i only asked for movies (which is just one file) and u finished everything u were asked, so maybe u would endulge me, but its ok… 🙂

        And the suggestion is made, when u dont have anything else to do… :p

    1. Gimme some time, I don’t have it posted yet but I’m working on a 3rd batch of Accel World subbed by FFF and this other anime i have posted plus college classes. So it may take some time.

  5. Hello. Thanks for all the great work you’ve done so far.
    In terms of requests, I have two and a half.

    Vivid’s batch of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

    IB’s batch of Kiniro Mosaic

    And this is only extra since you already encoded the Fairy Tail movie in 576p, but the BDs are out and subbed by Hatsuyuki. If you have time, I’d appreciate an encoding.

    1. Oh, and I don’t know if you’re still redoing your older stuff but I’m noticing a lot of subtitle bleeding in White Album.

      1. I’d prefer that source so I can mux the english audio in easily. But there’s no other source I’ve seen that can is 720p and can be downloaded as quickly.

    1. I’m actually gonna wait untill FFF or someone does an encode of this. It’s not that I don’t trust him but the last re-encode of his i did, he told me himself it was a shit encode so I’m just gonna wait for right now. I don’t think he’s bad but i’m just not gonna use his encodes until i see the Trusted thing and his uploads turn green.

  6. I agree that anything under 720p is pretty rubbish but that series was from back in 2006 and i don’t think it ever had a BD release otherwise i would go for that one, also a quick question would you encode a English dubbed anime? if not that’s fine, if so could you do Black Lagoon – Roberta’s Blood Trail (one of the very few anime’s i watch in English) with the Signs/Songs subtitle track?

  7. Yo Jacob. First of all, thank you for your uploads.
    I got to experience some animes not available anywhere for download because of you.
    I’m a fan of your encodes because of its replayability to any player/console.
    I just read in the description that you’re doing requests.
    Can I request one? The anime is “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?”
    There’s two seasons of it. If you have time, please do take this request. Thanks Jacob.

    1. Gimme a source to go with it. If I don’t like your source, I may use another source in which I consider better. My goal is not shitty encodes but something worth watching. 🙂

      1. AtsA was a well-known BD group. They seem to be dead now. And there isn’t really a choice in nyaa. The others are never-heard of groups or 1080p.

      1. Hard choise, between naked boobs and bread anime, I’m taking bread! Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan is my final answer! You better get some gbs for christmas and take more requests! Love you

    1. No sorry, The World God Only Knws was my last requested anime. I perticularly don’t like how this one is set up anyways because there is more than one version of this anime and the way he has it numbered is not the way MAL has it set up. So sorry. No.

  8. Hi! Can you PLEASE re-seed PATEMA? Please?! It’s only been a month! It’s completely dead. I can’t believe I just found your site (exactly what I’m looking for.. MP4 encodes!) I really want an MP4 encode using Underwater’s sub… and just when I find it, it’s not downloading! 🙁 Thank you so much for doing what you do… but could you please re-seed Patema?! :()

  9. Could you please make batches for Hyperdimension Neptunia and Blood Lad? I just love Hyperdimension Neptunia (Noire ftw) and Blood Lad is awesome.

    1. I’m limited on how much gigs so no unless you wanna buy me a bigger hard drive and mail it to me. Or another computer with like a few terabits worth of memory, then no. I more than likely will not.

  10. Question: Are you gonna re-encode High School DxD’s second season whenever FFF uploads their BD batch?

      1. Thank you! I always tend to watch anime off of my PS3, very happy to know that I am not the only one 😀

  11. Hi Mr. Jacob, I’m trying 2 get The Familiar of Zero (English dubbed), but i don’t have torrent tracker, and I only have internet on my phone.

    By any chance, do u have any direct links for the show in question that i can use 2 download it from?

  12. Tanks to you i’ve rediscovered SAO you’re doing great
    The end of the second season is near now according to the number of episodes of the first one.
    I’ll wait for it

      1. i see… though it would be nice if you can do it since i’m not seeing anyone else do it. i do get a bit of titles from you because they’re relatively small in size compared to others (coalgirls *cough*) & they’re bd as well. hehe. =)

        black bullet would be nice too although i’ve seen quite a couple of groups finish them already.

    1. Silver spoon? THAT PLOT!!! is this really an anime? XD will do only because your profile pic’s from The breaker 😀

      1. It’s not for everybody I guess. It’s hilarious though. Looking forward to the 3rd season.

        @sorin91 – are you a mecha/gundam fan? Was wondering if you’re interested in doing Gundam Seed Destiny Remaster.

      2. i hate Gundam :))) but after watching one episode of the farm show, it’s looking fun :)) will consider gundam if i got nothing else to do :3

      3. Thank you! and lol yeah who would had thought a show about agriculture would be good but that’s to be expected since it’s from the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist 🙂

      4. @Setsune i’m sry to say but i dont know if i will ever do Gundam, but anything else below or around 20 episodes, i’d be more than happy to do, but not all hope is lost, i may do it someday 🙂

      5. It’s alright 🙂 50eps are alot for something you won’t even watch 😉

        Hmm can you do SD dvdrips (doesn’t have bluray)? And does your encoding app support SRT subs?

      6. @setsune i can do almost anything, you thinking about some old-school anime? i am kind of old so i might enjoy doing it

      1. Lol sorry about that man but you’re the only one i can rely on at the moment for this (Deadfish and Noobsubs probably won’t release a batch for a while now) but i can guarantee you will love this one, it’s a short masterpiece imo

        1. Neither deadfish nor noobsubs would honor requests, you’r lucky you got me 😀 , and my encodes are better than deadfish 🙂 noobsubs do better encodes but at tripple size, i try to keep same or lower size at 0 quality loss :3

      2. “noobsubs do better encodes but at tripple size”
        couldn’t had said it better my self ,my jaw dropped when i saw the file size for the Kill la Kill blu ray batch they did xD

  13. Dude, Make the Monogatari Series BD.

    Nekomonogatari Kuro
    Monogatari Series 2nd Season BD

    1280 x720 :3

      1. Sorry for replying late. I thought i would be notified by email when you answered, I didn’t so i assumed my comment had gone unnoticed. Here is a torrent link where the whole series is!. Please do them 720 x 1280.

        Nekomonogatari Kuro (It’s a four episode filler for Bakemonogatari and a prequel at the same time.)

        Bakemonogatari – 15 Episodes
        Nisemonogatari – 11 Episodes

        Monogatari Series 2nd Season – 26 Episodes

        Hanamonogatari – 5 Episodes
        Tsukimonogatari – 4 Episodes

        In case you hadn’t seen this series, Please do. It’s a freaking masterpiece and you will absolutely love it. I haven’t met a person anywhere that has said anything negative about it.

      2. Without Op and Ed. The series it’s really what matters. I tried replying to the latest comment but it seems i can’t. So i’m replying to this one. Will you do it?. Any efforts are greatly appreciated. I’m a great fan of the series.

    1. i will do them, but it will take a while since some episodes have op or ed spliced into them while others dont and i need to wither splice the op and ed into the ones that dont have or remove them from the ones that have them and thats going to be extra work, plus i might change the subs font :)) will go all out with this series since i enjoyed it myself

      1. Will you do all the series and then release them at once or release them as you go?. One by one.lutel

      1. Hmm not sure what other sources are available for Gun x Sword.

        For Wolf’s Rain, there’s NP-Complete that’s dual-audio. Torrent should be in nyaa or bakabt (for more seeds).

    1. sry Setsune, wolf’s rain is dropped, really not worth it, low rezolution and bitrate, lots of artefacts, looked for a better source, there isnt any… i’m Sry, you can request something else and regarding my delays look at re-encode page

      1. thats why i didnt re-do them, evne with tweaks i wouldnt have gotten a good encode, bigger resolution than that at least but still not worth it

    1. I finished Tatami galaxy like more than a week ago but i wasnt able to upload it because i get some stupid teapot error on nyaa and cant find a fix, any help or info would be apreciated

  14. hey, can you do the remaining Naruto movies you haven’t done? and do you have Naruto Shippuden, from the very first episodE?

    1. Honey & Clover… that takes me back, will consider both, just need tos sort some things out with uploading issues and find other sources than bakabt ( i dont want to kill my GODLIKE ration :))) ) will search myself so no need to link me others :p

      1. lol just log out then download the torrent anonymously. There’s a ANE release for S1 as well but only in nyaa and only got 1 seed. And take your time 😀

  15. Higurashi No Koro ni Nekogoroshi

    And if it’s possible:

    Dominion Tank Police
    Yu Yu Hakusho Movie 1


      1. My apologies Sorin, my first time here, no problem

        Dominion Tank Police and Yu Yu Hakusho The Poltergeist Report are definitely the top ones needed cause they can’t play on my media player (.ogm files i guess)

        [b]Dominion Tank Police[/b] –

        [b]New Dominion Tank Police[/b] –

        [b]Yu Yu Hakusho:The Movie – Poltergeist Report[/b] –

        [b]Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie[/b]

      2. Big thanks to you for Dominion, I just downloaded it and it looks perfect as your usual encodes.

        Thanks so much, awesome work.

    1. use nyaa next time :3 okay for now, you will need to be patience because my real life is very bussy, but one by one i will take care of them 🙂

      1. No problem Sorin, i definitely will use Nyaa next time 🙂

        Big thanks for the Nekogoroshi episode, definitely will do a marathon this weekend with the series and take your time with the other real life always comes first, love your encodes, thanks again!

      1. No problem, i couldn’t do a good version myself, the limited sources i found are horrible, i can’t wait to see Dominion, thanks for trying Sorin and thanks for everything.

  16. @sorin – not sure if you doing it also, for honey and clover please include ep12.5(chapter L) and ep18.5(chapter F) from season 1 as well if you don’t mind. Tnx 🙂

    1. …can i be mean and pass? :)) it’s a TV release not DVD or BD, and i so hate this kind of anime XD , i would gladly encode something with more passion if you want , so i beg for forgivnes and punishment but please dont make me do this
      ps: that guy (source) is and idiot

  17. LOLOLOL It’s okay Sorin. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. Does that mean you dislike Kanon & Clannad? You gave me a good chuckle xD

    1. it doesnt even make me cry or something i just feel pure rage when trying to watch any of those, i hate the animation, i hate the characters, i hate the feel of it, i hate this kind of stupid love drama, life is to be enjoyed, oh and btw did i mention i hate the animation? :))

      1. I know, i just don’t understand how the file size for their batch is bigger than the original source. So i was hoping sorin would come through with some reasonable file size.

        1. if jacob doesnt want them here i will just leave them untagged and post them over on the other page, and prolly will do them at half the size of the original, let me see how i can tweak settings

      2. If it means less work for you guys, i don’t mind waiting for FFF’s version.
        Either way thanks a lot, i really appreciate it.

  18. man i would really like to donate but i don’t have paypal . i really enjoy what you do thanks man

  19. Awesome stuff man. I would like to request Tokyo Ravens and the upcoming BD release of the latest Naruto movie 🙂 If it’s alright as well, can you seed the Haganai Series and Shingeki no Kyojin. Thank you very much

      1. Didn’t expect you to respond that fast, thanks! Although I was asking about Tokyo Ravens though and not Tokyo Ghoul haha.

  20. Mr Jacob can you please do something with Medaka Box Abnormal Season 2, my download stuck at 99.7% for 2 week. Thank You

  21. I’d like to request for Vividred Operation, Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate, and FFF’s release of Black Bullet (if you prefer theirs).. also Princess Lover, Manyuu Hikenchou, and Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai reseed or redos I guess.. thank you very much for your releases..

      1. Thanks for Vividred Operation.. Quality upload as always.. And I’m looking forward for Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate and Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai..

      2. I understand why you’re not redoing Oretachi.. anyways, thanks a lot.. try Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai if you’d like…

        1. For Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai, let’s see if sorin or someone will pick it up. I didn’t really like it but i will pick it up if sorin doesn’t but I’ve been pushing out shit all this week.

      3. Your release of Vividred Operation (BD 1280×720 and the only one with seeds) is listed as having errors, but the episodes appear OK. Can this be redone?

  22. Do you think you can do Clannad and Clannad After Story? The Deadfish release had some minor issues and no OP-ED every ep.. and request for Sukitte Ii na yo.

  23. Hi
    i really liked your fansub of the to love ru serie and especially the fact it was uncensored :P. Are you going to do to love ru darkness 2 ???

    1. I gotta say no to both of those. Why? One because they are both already picked up. First off, Tsundere isn’t doing Season 2 BDs so I’m going with consistency and for the other one FFF is doing the director cut so I’m gonna wait for them. Sorry. But both of them are picked up just not by those encoders.

      1. Wait, so you’re not doing Shinmai Maou no Testament?!. Is there really a directors cut one?!. It looks so good though and the sub’s are great.

  24. Hey there Jacob, thanks for Rakuen Tsuihou and Hanasaku Iroha, and you released a lot of other series as well, it was hot thanks a lot. I would like to request for Ef: A Tale of Memories, Ef: A Tale of Melodies, and Photokano if you have time to do so.

  25. Hello Jacob, is it possible to reseed Mayo Chiki? I’m stuck at 91.9%. The one seeding it suddenly disappeared :/

    1. I actually have it but right now I’m trying to get my other anime, if you have any older or newer ones please seed. Here are some I’m trying to get right now. The Zero no Tsukaima series, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Ano Natsu, Black Bullet, etc. Almost anything I did before I got my computer.

  26. I would like to leave a request here and it would be Kaichou wa Maid-sama, I just thought that there are no available re-encodes of it, sadly, and I would love to watch it.. I’m so sorry Jacob I’m in no capacity to donate funds for your external drive since I ran to some problems myself recently as well and I’m dried up.. I hope you pick Maid-sama soon.. thanks a lot..

      1. I see, I thought you’d be up for it since there was CoalGirls as well. I also have another series I hope you pick up, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi. thanks

    1. after you complete downloading it, please continue to seed, I’ve been trying to get it for a while as well if you are DLing the 2nd batch..

      1. But you do have the 2nd batch you made right? The one from Seto_Otaku, it’s the one I am currently downloading. Do you have plans on doing Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha?

      2. When you get your brand new external drive, would you consider doing it? and also, would you be able to do Hotarubi no Mori e??

  27. I have 1.2% remaining on SAO, would there be any chance it could be seeded for just a little bit so that I can complete my download?

      1. Hmm GS (using Viivid subs) was the only one who completed it. Kaylith who was doing them if I remember right are dead now.

        How does one get trusted status anyway? If it’s just the amount of non-remake stuff he released, there are alot of them.

  28. Hi bro,

    I am news here.
    My request is that I would like to have Hanaukyou Maid-tai (BD 960×720) to be resumed and it had been stopped at 13.2% since last year.

    Pls have it to be retorrent.


    1. Hi bro, sorry for my late reply.
      Do you mean that you are going to redo Hanaukyou Maid-tai after you get 3 TB later on?


  29. Damn that’s the 2nd one 😆

    Not a request but I’m assuming Coalgirls’ Grisaia no Rakuen is already in your to do list?

      1. Hmm didn’t know that. Oh well checked Chihiro’s site and it looks like they’ll add something extra in their release which hopefully you’ll do so it’s worth the wait……….

        Got a question bout this new policy of yours. So you’ll wait for the fansub group if they have plans to do a series even they take more than a year than a Bluray group?

      1. I see. I didn’t know that the first was a TV release. And it looks like no one is picking up for a blu-ray version yet. How about the OVA of Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo:

        I can’t find the episode itself, only a batch file that Commie gave. And this should be Blu-ray. Will you do this?

        Thank you.

  30. Hello, Jacob. Thanks for all the anime you uploaded just recently. I’ll lay off the requests for a while. I’ll just wait till you finish your to-do list. I’d like to ask, what anime are you trying to encode right now? Actually, I do have some I need you to encode but I don’t wanna bother you so I’ll just ask you what you’re doing.

  31. I’m so sorry, I’m new here and I stumbled upon your anime releases last week. If you’re okay with this, I would like to request for Dragon Crisis, Star Driver or Super Sonico. whichever one you like, I’m totally fine. thanks for your encodes.

  32. I’m so sorry, I’m new here and I stumbled upon your anime releases the other day. If you’re fine with this, I would like to request for Dragon Crisis, Star Driver or Super Sonico. whichever one you like, I’m totally fine. thanks for your encodes

  33. Jacob, will you be doing any BD’s that FFF releases? Also, I actually have plans on helping you encode. But I still need new computer and faster internet (This won’t be happening for a few years *lol). I’ve been practicing the past few days. Will it be a bother if I asked you some things that I don’t understand in the future?

      1. I’m using a lot of programs actually. I already know how to use handbrake. I’m practicing MeGUI though and I’m also practicing on how to insert OP-ED on chaptered episodes.

  34. Hi there. I’m also new here. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. It’s so impressive.

    Anyway, I would like to make a request for the following. I tried to come up with as many as I can that have good sources. Sorry for putting so many. Feel free to ignore those you don’t want
    Sakamichi no Apollon –
    Natsuiro Kiseki –
    Jormungand –
    Jormungand: Perfect Order from
    AKB0048 –
    AKB0048 next stage –
    Tari Tari –
    Shinsekai Yori –
    Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure –
    Love Live! –
    Love Live! S2 –
    Kakumeiki Valvrave –
    Love Lab –
    Uchouten Kazoku –
    Samurai Flamenco – and
    D-Frag! –
    Buddy Complex –
    Saki – and
    Saki: Achiga-hen –
    Saki: Zenkoku-hen –
    Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou –
    Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? –
    Sabagebu! –
    Zankyou no Terror –
    Aldnoah Zero –
    Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de –
    Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis –
    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso –

      1. haha. sorry. I guess I’ll just request for Sakamichi no Apollon, Love Live!, Shin Sekai Yori and Gochuumon as priority.

      2. and oh, I donated as token of my appreciation. It feels bad I can’t help in seeding so I at least want to help out in some way no matter how small.

  35. ignore what I said with Saki. those happened to be incomplete. I guess the reason I want the sequels is because no encode for them while Deadfish only did the first season.

  36. Any chance you could also do argilium’s request for Jormungand S1/S2 by Asenshi? I’d like to have their group for this series. FYI DeadFish also did these but not by Asenshi. Noobsubs did it as well but it’s freaking huge lol.

  37. Hello, cai i ask for a reseed of the torrent Hanaukyou Maid Tai and maybe can i ask for the second season Hanaukyou Maid Tai: La Verite

    Thank you very much

  38. Jacobswaggedup, TY for season one of To LOVE-Ru & the 6 OVA that followed it. Also for Seasons two, and three of To Love-Ru.

    Will you please, release the forth season of To LOVE-Ru.
    Also please release To LOVE-Ru Darkness OVAs one to 7 in 576p.

  39. By any chance, will you guys be releasing GochiUsa S2? There’s a batch by Vivid-taku up and ready, unless you’re waiting for the FFF encodes or not doing it at all, lol.

  40. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Gate Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri & Kantai Collection? All batches out by sallysubs

  41. Since Valkyrie drives BD will be awhile, I was hoping if you can do the BD for Ao no exorcist and the OVA’s for Strike the Blood

  42. Hi bro,
    Can you please retorrent on Shining Hearts – Shiawase no Pan (BD 1280×720).
    It’s stopped at 87.8% of downloading.
    Beside, thanks for retorrenting on Hanaukyou Maid-tai (BD 960×720).


  43. I saw that you were taking requests and was wondering if you would pick up the Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei series. Thank you very much for your Re-encodes.

      1. I understand that sources for Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei are a real mixed bag. Maybe just keep the idea of the series on the back-burner if you feel up to it. Any chance to try for the Minami-ke series? Thank you again!

  44. Can you do Heroine’s Gakusen Toshi Asterisk S1 BD for now? And just redo it with FFF’s whenever they release theirs? Nothing wrong with Heroine (you’re even planning on using their stuff before they died) and most importantly its not like you haven’t redone most of your stuff…. some even atleast 3 times. I’m hoping to rewatch S1’s BD before watching S2. Thanks 🙂

  45. not sure you’ve ever done Maoyuu Maou Yuusha or not, but while we’re waiting on things like DAL Mayuri Judgement, that Maouu Maou Yuusha is one I’ve been wanting to see if you’ve got it. – THANKS!

  46. Hi bro,
    Do you have any plan for Kuromukuro and Active Raid(both season)?
    And are you going to get from FFF?


  47. thx for encodes and uploads can you tell me the program you’re using for encoding and would you care encoding katekyo hitman reborn i couldnt find dvd release, is xvid4psp a good program what do you think?

      1. It’s been a few months, also I’m pretty sure the BDs are out by now. Any chance this is coming up soon?

  48. my request is :

    Sousei no Onmyouji

    Qualidea Code

    if you can encode them and put them in one folder thank you 🙂

  49. Hi Jacob;

    How is everything?

    May I request Symphogear G and Symphogear GX BD?

    Together with Blue Steel Arpeggio Movie?

    Thanks a lot

      1. I would understand if there were other options. However this is the only version that exist and as it is 50GB it will loose all its seeds sooner than later. Encoding it can save it.

  50. Hi Jacob. Since you’ve done Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, would you also do Muv-Luv Schwarzesmarken BD as well? Other than that, would you also do Infinite Stratos 2 OVA -World Purge- chapter?



    Schwarzesmarken is a kind of prequel for Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. The story follows East German Army 666th TSF Squadron “Schwarzesmarken” (Black Marks) are a special-forces unit tasked with assaulting BETA forces through unconventional tactics; specifically, they target Lux and Magnus Lux to deny the BETA the advantage of ranged firepower. Their orders are given the topmost priority, such that it is common practice for the 666th to ignore allied distress calls that will result in deviation from their original mission, even if only for a short moment.

    The 666th Squadron mostly operates MiG-21s, with their squadron commander Irisdena Bernhard piloting an MiG-21PF.

      1. I am pretty sure there are another fansub group since i also dislike horriblesub thst sometimes mistranslate the dialoque.

        Hopefully you can get your internet back soon and find a good job, as i look forward for more of your release in the future, especially grimgar, qualieda code and asterisk war.

        Stay well.

  52. Hi

    I was wondering if you could do a version of Chihayafuru both seasons at some point since there are no mp4 encodes of this series around on nyaa, Thanks

  53. sup fam would it bother you to re-seed panty & stocking? i’ll seed back as much as i can
    ps your encodes kicks ass theyre top comfy for playback on phones unlike those 10bit memes

  54. hi

    wanted to ask if you will ever do the director’s cut of Date a Live? and would you be willing to do encode of older anime like Record of Lodoss War or kaiji?

    also thanks for all your encodes

  55. Hi Jacob;

    Since this year 2017 would be a Type-Moon years, would you be interested to do Fate/ Extra Last Encore TV anime, Fate/ Grand Order TV anime and Fate/ Apocrypha TV anime when they released in Blu-Ray?