So guys, it’s been a minute and I’ve been waiting on BDs from fansubs. So I’ve started buying the US BDs myself to have a physical copy of most of the anime I want. Now I’m posting this as just a suggestion but checking out my Amazon Wishlist and possibly sending me some of the […]


To start, no I’m not dead just waiting on FFF, Chihiro, etc to drop a BD batch! Also I’ve been requested Parasyte, Yes it’s picked up, no I’m not using Doki, not when FFF is doing BDs for it. Slowly just like every other thing they release but I believe their releases are worth waiting […]


There are a few changes coming and one already in effect! 1) A new donation option has been added to my site for those who do not use paypal. Bitcoin! 2) Streaming my anime encodes is now possible threw Toon Ninja! 3) I plan on redesigning my website with the help of a Toon Ninja […]