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Delayed Anime

Well it looks like these 3 anime before are temporarily delayed until farther notice!

  • 3-gatsu no Lion 2
  • Lupin the Third Part 5
  • Chihayafuru


If anyone knows anything about megui and could help me out, these are all Commies releases of the anime!


Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of the problem I’m having!


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I’m Officially Retired

It’s official guys! I’m retired. Sorry. This didn’t really work out because most fansubs died but I’ll always come back for anything on my bluray list.

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So guys, it’s been a minute and I’ve been waiting on BDs from fansubs. So I’ve started buying the US BDs myself to have a physical copy of most of the anime I want. Now I’m posting this as just a suggestion but checking out my Amazon Wishlist and possibly sending me some of the anime on there would really speed up me getting the anime. Of course I’ve been buying the anime out of pocket because I want the anime.


Link: Amazon Wishlist


The link is above so give it a look and if you like what I do consider ordering me one new version of said anime on the list.


Thanks again!

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New 1 TB Seedbox

Okay so guys, I bought a new 1 TB seedbox! If you want to donate to it every month if would really help out! I got a discount on the first month. Everything will be seeded to the seedbox!

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This May Take a While…!!

So MeGui recently got an update! With this update came some problems! I’m working on fixing them. They have something to do with RGB24 and I’m current researching how to fix it! I’ve already manage to somewhat fix it but there’s still problems with audio now!

P.S I’ll get back to encoding when I manage to fix this!

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To start, no I’m not dead just waiting on FFF, Chihiro, etc to drop a BD batch! Also I’ve been requested Parasyte, Yes it’s picked up, no I’m not using Doki, not when FFF is doing BDs for it. Slowly just like every other thing they release but I believe their releases are worth waiting for.

Also just an opinion, FFF not picking up anything was to be expected, but I don’t think DameDesuYo will be picking up anything either. Not with their current backlog, and doesn’t look like GoodJobMedia will pick anything up either.

Just my personal opinion though.

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There are a few changes coming and one already in effect!

1) A new donation option has been added to my site for those who do not use paypal. Bitcoin!

2) Streaming my anime encodes is now possible threw Toon Ninja!

3) I plan on redesigning my website with the help of a Toon Ninja admin (not gonna specify a name)

4) All of my encodes will be seeded on another far larger seedbox (or most atleast)

5) In the coming days, Cloudflare will be active on my site (should be)

6) If you check my Blu-Ray List, I’ve added anime done by Doki since the fall of!

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Streaming Now!

I’ve partnered up with Toon Ninja to make my anime encodes streamable for viewers! Enjoy!

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Please Help Seed!

Would someone please help seed The Ghost in the Shell Arise Series, Air Gear, White Album S1 and FLCL!?


Could someone also help seed the Fate series?

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New Computer

I just ordered my new computer. I am waiting for it to come in now. Also I am taking requests as well.




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Please consider donating if you want to help me get a NEW computer faster. I’m getting one regardless but donations would help it go faster.

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Hard Drive Failure + Full Time Job

So I recently found out my hard drive is failing recently after my CPU fan fried. The CPU fan is fixed and now the hard drive is failing. I also have a full time job and I have literally dropped every anime I picked up this Season (TV wise not BD. I’ve stopped watching them all). I will buy a new one but I will only have Sundays and Mondays off. I will buy a new hard drive eventually and keep encoding, just not as much anymore. I’m not dead just busy now with work. I will still take donation but it won’t be until another 2 weeks or more before I even replace the drive. You can help speed up the progress by donating. I will still be doing my BD list and my love for anime will never go away but I have more important things to take care of in my life now and a full time job makes it harder to encode. I also want to upgrade my cpu drive as well.

EDIT/UPDATE: I might just buy a whole new computer. Prob around $800 whenever I get the money.


UPDATE 3: A few anime from this past season are picked up. Will update BD list accordingly.