I just ordered my new computer. I am waiting for it to come in now. Also I am taking requests as well.




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10 thoughts on “New Computer

  1. good to hear that you’re back in business! just made a donation, hope it helps. You’ve already put out Baka Test season 1, maybe you can do season 2? – Appreciated either way, THANK YOU

  2. just went ahead and made another donation, didn’t even check my budget, just wanted to help. – As for a drama free request, I know you did Date-A-Live, but I don’t believe that you ever posted the movie, Mayuri Judgement I think it was called… Surely some jerk moderators wouldn’t get upset if you posted that seeing as how you never posted it previously, so how about that one?

  3. just so long as we’re still cool, and it helps keep the site up with the anime DDLs continuing to flow in (provided that same moderator doesn’t go Soup-Nazi on us again, LOL!) – anyhow, I see Date-A-Live movie is on the list… is FFF the hold-up? OR is it the waiting for the new PC hardware?

  4. not sure you’ve ever done Maoyuu Maou Yuusha or not, but while we’re waiting on things like DAL Mayuri Judgement, that Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is one I’ve been wanting to see if you’ve got it. – THANKS!

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