Hard Drive Failure + Full Time Job

So I recently found out my hard drive is failing recently after my CPU fan fried. The CPU fan is fixed and now the hard drive is failing. I also have a full time job and I have literally dropped every anime I picked up this Season (TV wise not BD. I’ve stopped watching them all). I will buy a new one but I will only have Sundays and Mondays off. I will buy a new hard drive eventually and keep encoding, just not as much anymore. I’m not dead just busy now with work. I will still take donation but it won’t be until another 2 weeks or more before I even replace the drive. You can help speed up the progress by donating. I will still be doing my BD list and my love for anime will never go away but I have more important things to take care of in my life now and a full time job makes it harder to encode. I also want to upgrade my cpu drive as well.

EDIT/UPDATE: I might just buy a whole new computer. Prob around $800 whenever I get the money.


UPDATE 3: A few anime from this past season are picked up. Will update BD list accordingly.

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