Psycho-Pass [Season 1]


BD 720p | Torrent | Magnet


14 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass”

  1. Setsune says:

    Wish you did the Extended version instead.

    1. Commie didn’t do it.

      1. Setsune says:

        lol there are other releases….

          1. sorin91a says:

            you can do 720p from 1080p…

          2. You can do New Edit then. I won’t do it unless I know someone did a proper release of it. I would call a proper release.

          3. sorin91a says:

            true, i was just stating that you can do it, didn’t search for sources before comenting, no need to lash out on me

  2. I mean’t wouldn’t and I’m not lashing out at you. I was stating my opinion.

  3. Setsune says:

    Will encoding 1080p source to 720p mess up the subs?

    1. sorin91a says:

      it should not but thats no problem, easy to fix subs

    2. If he doesn’t do it right, they’ll have bars on top and bottom.

      1. sorin91a says:

        aspect ration wont be changed since you just lower the resolution…

  4. Good luck with that.

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