Ikkitousen Seasons 2-4 Blu-Ray Box Confirmed!

So I was searching the internet and decided to check out the official Ikkitousen website! It is confirmed that Seasons 2 threw 4 are getting Blu-ray box releases. I’m not really worried about season 4. It’s seasons 2 and 3 that I am looking forward too. Below is a screenshot of the dates for the releases of the blu-rays from the video posted on the site!

According to this, Dragon Destiny Blu-Rays will be released 7/30/2014, Great Guardian Blu-rays will be released 9/24/2014 and Season 4 11/26/2014! If this is correct, I will be re-doing those 3 seasons in full 720p! Enjoy this update and check out the official site which is linked above the picture! There are also rumors of another season being made or maybe a remake for season 1 in the works! (I want the remake rather than another season)

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