To LOVE-Ru: Darkness

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          Step 1: Click Browse and save to your selected folder.

          Step 2: Have Web Optimized checked

          Step 3: Click “Source” and find source file you want to convert

          Step 4: Look beside Browse and change ending format for file destination to mp4 from m4v. You can also take this time to change file name but make sure the end has “.mp4” (the dot included.)

          Step 5: Under “Picture” change anamophic from loose to strict.

          Step 6: Under “Video” change constant quality from 20 to 18.

          Step 7: Under “Audio” change bitrate from 160 to 128.

          Step 8: Under “Subtitles” click add and subtitles of either english or unknown should show up, If more than one subtitle file, look on encoders post to see which subtitles are which and correspond changing subtitles to prefered subtitles. Check “burn in“.

          Step 9: Click start. For multiple episodes, after first episode, repeat steps 1-8 and instead of clicking start click “Add to Queue“. You do not have to click the arrow beside it.

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