11 comments on “Deadman Wonderland

  1. ichigo999 says:

    Tnx again for doing this. Now if they will just make a season 2…

    Btw are you accepting requests?

    • S_A says:

      There wont be a second season of this. seeing how bad the sales were, and the way how they messed it up.

      • ichigo999 says:

        Ah too bad. Can you tell me a site to check this kind of sales? And how much is a bad or good sales exactly?

        Messed it up… you mean it wasn’t faithful to the manga? Been avoiding reading it… maybe i’ll check it out after i rewatch this.

      • S_A says:

        ‘Deadman wonderland’ sold less than 1000 copies in 2011 in Japan.
        Yes, less than a thousand!
        It was a catastrophic failure.


        but who knows there might be a miracle. oh and read the manga.

  2. Yes, i am also taking anime movie requests as long as they have a legit source!

  3. ichigo999 says:

    Can you re-encode VFR sourced releases? I’ll be requesting Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS if you can do it. The second Nanoha movie was recently released so I’ll likely watch the 3rd series after it lol.


  4. Is it not in HD or BD?

  5. ichigo999 says:

    Nope. Doesn’t exist right now. Dunno if they’ll ever make one 😦

  6. bakmi44 says:

    jacob, please re seed this 🙂
    stuck at 60-ish %
    thanks for the great BD encodes

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