White Album

White Album [Season 1]

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10 comments to White Album

  • ichigo999

    Tnx ^_^ You d/led S2 yet?

  • ichigo999

    Nevermind…. with the original Coalgirls’ release size, i assumed this was only S1 lol. But you missed ep26 🙂

  • ecchigo

    Oh and looks like ep25 is incomplete judging from the size of it.

  • jacobswaggedup2

    Shit i gotta redo it lol

  • ichigo999

    lol take your time 🙂

  • jacobswaggedup2

    My bad i was hurrying threw that anime.

  • ichigo999

    Found something weird bout ep26 in the mkv if you still got it, is the scene at 19:21 -21:01 just black with barely visible credits plus the karaoke? From what i noticed, the barely visible credits disappear when the karaoke appears. After 21:01, its like the screen turned back to normal to finish the song. Anyway just wondering if its like that as well in the original since it doesn’t seem normal lol.

  • jacobswaggedup2

    Idk lol

  • Stanley

    Hey can you make one of White album 2 please thank you. from your number one fan.

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