10 comments on “White Album

  1. ichigo999 says:

    Tnx ^_^ You d/led S2 yet?

  2. ichigo999 says:

    Nevermind…. with the original Coalgirls’ release size, i assumed this was only S1 lol. But you missed ep26 🙂

  3. ecchigo says:

    Oh and looks like ep25 is incomplete judging from the size of it.

  4. Shit i gotta redo it lol

  5. ichigo999 says:

    lol take your time 🙂

  6. My bad i was hurrying threw that anime.

  7. ichigo999 says:

    Found something weird bout ep26 in the mkv if you still got it, is the scene at 19:21 -21:01 just black with barely visible credits plus the karaoke? From what i noticed, the barely visible credits disappear when the karaoke appears. After 21:01, its like the screen turned back to normal to finish the song. Anyway just wondering if its like that as well in the original since it doesn’t seem normal lol.

  8. Stanley says:

    Hey can you make one of White album 2 please thank you. from your number one fan.

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