13 comments on “Sekirei

  1. prodigy says:

    In episode 2, starting at 6:21. Subtitles are overlap with each other.

  2. I know. I can’t do anything about the subs. You gotta go to the person who subbed it. I just re-encode it.

  3. JC Caro says:

    Who was the original subber of this?

  4. Animehero says:

    Something wrong with episode 1 there a time lag problem in the subtitles, scenes, and the talking. is it possible to repost another mp4 of episode 1? please help been wanting to see sekirei uncut for alooooooooong time.

  5. Xknown says:

    can someone fix episode 1? it starts messing up at the end.

  6. My1 says:

    we need some seeders

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