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779 thoughts on “Request Page”

  1. hi

    wanted to ask if you will ever do the director’s cut of Date a Live? and would you be willing to do encode of older anime like Record of Lodoss War or kaiji?

    also thanks for all your encodes

  2. Hi Jacob;

    Since this year 2017 would be a Type-Moon years, would you be interested to do Fate/ Extra Last Encore TV anime, Fate/ Grand Order TV anime and Fate/ Apocrypha TV anime when they released in Blu-Ray?

  3. I don’t think any other fansubbers are doing it right now. I checked all the bd releases of this series. Most of them left it in the midway.

    1. I’ll pick it up but SallySubs is a final choice thing. Let’s see if anyone else does it first. I try not to use SallySubs because I like the original font and whatnot that fansubbers use.

  4. How bout Tokyo ESP (Sallysubs)?
    From FFF site batch comments:
    Eien (May 3, 2015 at 3:10 pm)
    The Blurays are not uploaded on the internet.
    Even if they were, I don’t think any of the staff are really interested in doing Blurays for this.

  5. Hey, do you mind doing bakuman? I think there are batch of 720p bd from judgement for s1 and 2, while s3 is done by biraru in 1080p

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