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818 thoughts on “Request Page”

  1. hi

    wanted to ask if you will ever do the director’s cut of Date a Live? and would you be willing to do encode of older anime like Record of Lodoss War or kaiji?

    also thanks for all your encodes

  2. Hi Jacob;

    Since this year 2017 would be a Type-Moon years, would you be interested to do Fate/ Extra Last Encore TV anime, Fate/ Grand Order TV anime and Fate/ Apocrypha TV anime when they released in Blu-Ray?

  3. I don’t think any other fansubbers are doing it right now. I checked all the bd releases of this series. Most of them left it in the midway.

    1. I’ll pick it up but SallySubs is a final choice thing. Let’s see if anyone else does it first. I try not to use SallySubs because I like the original font and whatnot that fansubbers use.

  4. How bout Tokyo ESP (Sallysubs)?
    From FFF site batch comments:
    Eien (May 3, 2015 at 3:10 pm)
    The Blurays are not uploaded on the internet.
    Even if they were, I don’t think any of the staff are really interested in doing Blurays for this.

  5. Hey, do you mind doing bakuman? I think there are batch of 720p bd from judgement for s1 and 2, while s3 is done by biraru in 1080p

  6. Is Coalgirls alright? I’ve seen you release batches from coalgirls too. FFF released a batch but its tv rip. Unfortunately, from what I’ve heard, they have no plans of releasing a BD batch. Looking forward to your Winter BD plans, mate. Appreciate your work.

  7. Not really a request, but more of a question. That is if you’d be willing to answer it. How are you able to re-encodes batches in much much much smaller sizes? I mean is there anything you are sacrificing? I for one know your re-encodes is top bd quality, the compatibility and format is the same as those large-sized encodes by FFF, Commie, Damesuyo and even Horriblesubs. Is there any restrictions? Like HEVC, AC3 formats which actually save a huge chunk of space but most players(well all my players) cannot play it.

  8. Please help me! I have a video in 1000*600 resolution but I want to change its resolution to 1280*720 by using megui without affecting any other things like video or audio quality. I just want to change thecresolution of video only.
    Thank you

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